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1. Rent or Rent-to-Own

Min requirements:

  • SA business no less than 2 years in operation
  • Admin fee payable on approval and acceptance
  • 3 to 5 year options
  • Minimum order value of R20 000 to qualify
  • Refundable deposit held in Trust account may be payable

Any of our used / imported / manufactured or custom made ranges is available on this basis.

Email for more information


2. Space Planning assistance

When purchasing from Zippy Office Furniture, we will gladly assist you with your space planning and designing. One of our friendly sales staff will conduct a site visit, do measurements if no plans are available, and plan your furniture layout and positioning with you to optimise productivity whilst ensuring enough movement space for comfort and privacy. If you need a site visit, or a planning session email

3. Custom design assistance

Do you need something that is not standard? Something custom made to fit into a specific space? Something that you’ve seen in a catalogue but you want to change some of the features? Zippy Office Furniture might be able to assist you with that. Provide us with your specifications (sizes) and design and we can work out a quote for you. Or if you want something custom designed but you are not sure what, let us assist you by providing you with colour samples, fabric and leather samples and let us sit and draw out the design until we have what you are looking for.

4. Interior design assistance

Zippy will gladly provide you with stunning Office Furniture, couches, chairs etc, at great prices, but what about some new carpets/blinds/curtains/paint/artwork/ornaments/room dividers/lighting and garden design? If you would like a whole new make over for your office / home / waiting room / reception / church / school etc.

5. Returns and Exchange

Zippy has a 5 year guarantee on all LOCALLY MANUFACTURED furniture and chairs and a 1 – 2 year guarantee on all IMPORTED items. If you have a problem with any item we provided to you and you believe its a factory default and not due to accidental damage or misuse, just return the item with the original invoice to Zippy. Zippy will return it to the factory for a repair and if needed a replacement. Please note that if you are unable to return the item to Zippy, we can assist with Transport at the customer’s own cost. Large items are difficult to return, therefore Zippy also has a technical team that will gladly assist with alterations /repairs on site on request subject to availability. If an item is damaged or broken by accident or misuse, dont worry, phone us and we will gladly assist. We only charge for parts used and a call out fee depending on the distance. If items are brought to our workshop in Centurion, we do not even charge labour.

6. Used Furniture Buy back

Zippy does buy back used furniture from customers on either a once off basis or as part of an exchange for new furniture. Offers on used furniture will be subject to condition / demand / current stock at Zippy and economic conditions.

7. Repairs of your current furniture

Zippy will gladly assist with repairs and maintenance on your current furniture. If you need such a service, we will first have to get a list of what you need (or do an inspection of your furniture) then quote you on the parts and labour needed to repair. Many times these repairs and maintenance can be done on site therefore no inconvenience to your personnel. If you need someone to fix that creaking cabinet door, or that chair that keeps on sinking down when you sit on it, give us a call so we can assist.